Virtual Showings Checklist
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Walk-Through Video Tour Checklist

1. Film Horizontally

Filming with your phone horizontally allows for more of the home to be captured in the shot.

2. Stabilize The Shot

  • Use a non-extended selfie stick-stick or other stabilizer if available
  • Keep your arms closer to your body rather than farther away from you
  • Slow your walking and other movements. It may feel unnatural but will appear normal in footage

3. Shoot During The Noon Hour

At this time the sun is directly overhead resulting in even, natural light coming through your windows.

4. Turn On Lights And Open Curtains

This helps make the video as bright as possible, helping your viewers see all areas of the home more clearly.

5. Clean And Organize

This way your listing will present the best! Tidy up toys and items off the floor, organize counters, and make sure toilet seats are down.

6. Highlight The Best Features

Be sure to film your favorite aspects of the home and mention why they are special in the video.

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