Virtual Showing Strategies
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How to Engage Clients Without Risking Their Health

Video Chat

Qualify hot buyers with a live video chat to answer any questions, this is also a great time for a virtual listing appointment or buyer consultation. Have a plan and questions ready prior to contacting your client.

The Walk-Through Video Tour

Qualify warm buyers by showing a walk-through video of the home. Do a few test runs to practice and to help visualize key features of the property and how they will show in the video. Check out our blog post for the best practices for filming walk-through videos.

The Online Open House

Film a tour on your phone or with a professional camera and post on social media as well as your website. If your comfortable on camera you can do a Live open house on Facebook. Use this strategy to create buyer interest.

The Lazy Listing Tour

Create a Listing Landing Page on your website to showcase a new listing. Include as many photos and videos of the home as possible. This strategy is used to cultivate warm buyers.

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